I am Ryan Chynoweth, a data scientist and data engineer based out of Bellevue, WA. I am focused on solving business problems by generating predictive and prescriptive insights through data engineering, data science, and DevOps practices in the Cloud.

My hope is to share my experience with developing and deploying machine learning and data engineering applications with end to end demos and blog posts. These blogs and demos should be able to serve as resources for practical predictive analytics solutions. All accompanying code can be found on my GitHub account. Always looking for new and exciting ways to implement scalable and predictive data solutions. Please let me know of anything that needs to be clarified or updated in either code or demos.

Fixed problems can be solved with fixed solutions. As developers we create software to solve these problems. When we are faced with solving dynamic problems, we need a dynamic solution. Predictive analytics methods like Machine Learning and Deep Learning give us the ability to solve these problems by learning from observed data to make intelligent predictions.